System requirements


You need php 5.4 or higher. I’m developing under a debian 8.5 which uses 5.6.23.

MySQL is at version 5.5.x but there is nothing special used. Here it is running using MariaDB 10.0.25 which works even faster.

Apache 2.2 or higher. You will need the headers and expires modules. And enable ssl.


My own logging server is running using a small VPS with one virtual core and 4GB RAM as its only purpose. Currently 8 servers are constantly logging to it with a minimal load and an average of 2 inserts into mysql per second.

External Libraries

The web gui lggr uses some 3rd party libraries like jquery or bootstrap. These packages are not included in the git sources but referenced to from the main config class.

You can either use the external urls written there or you might want to package all dependencies into your local lggr installation lggr_contrib.tar, which might be more stable and adds to your privacy.

The tools and packages used are:

  • bootstrap
  • chartjs
  • jqcloud
  • jquery
  • jqueryui
  • timepicker

One Comment on “System requirements

July 6, 2019 at 5:03 pm

Hi there,
I’m struggling with setting up lggr on my existing syslog-ng server.

I use Mysql Server version 5.7.26. When i execute the db.sql i get an error while creating newlogs table.
Seems the Engine Aria is not included in MySQL.
Is there any way around this or do i have to use MariaDB instead?
Maybe then MySQL shouldn’t be listed as compatible?!


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